A daily/weekly drink helps men/women

IT SEEMS that it now makes sense to drink a toast to your health, after a Danish study found that men and women benefit from drinking wine.

According to the study of 50,000 people - which is a very large sample - men who drink wine daily had a 41% reduced risk of coronary heart disease and women who drank weekly had a 36% reduced risk of heart disease.

Professor Morten Gronbaek's team from the Danish National Institute of Public Health found that men needed to drink daily to benefit from wine consumption, while women could have a glass of wine weekly or daily for the same net result.

Reportedly, the researchers were not able to conclude why there were differences between the affect of alcohol on men and women. It was suggested that it could be due to hormones, the type of alcohol consumed or simply due to the ways men's and women's bodies process alcohol.

The results of the study have been published in the British Medical Journal and researchers are keen to point out that the findings do not justify heavy drinking.

During the six year study, men drank an average of 11 glasses of wine per week and women drank an average of five-and-a-half. Participants were aged 50 to 65.

The team at Nardone Baker Wines welcomes the findings and echoes the call for people to enjoy wine in moderation.



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